Get into Christmas Mood with Grandparker Casino

Grandparker Casino has never been a one trick pony and they clearly show their intention of conquering all niches, by staying ahead of the technological curve.

One way of doing this is by introducing new slot machines, including titles that have fancy graphics and make great use of 3-D cinematic.

Several software developers can brag about producing such titles, but when it comes to the industry leader, Betsoft Gaming is miles ahead of its competitors.


That’s why Grandparker Casino chose to sign a partnership with these guys and the results are already showing, with a new slot machine being released in December. It goes by the name of A Christmas Carol, which is going to ring familiar to those who are avid readers and fans of Charles Dickens’ novels.

They will also discover that the blockbuster slot machine doesn’t stray too far from the original plot, despite the innovative bonus system and fancy graphics.

This is on the few narrative driven slot machines and the fact that you actually get the chance to follow the plot while spinning the reels is twice as rewording. The bonus system is obviously the best-selling point, at least when it comes to slots fans who don’t care that much about the storyline.


A Christmas Carol is a pretty classic slot machine, with 20 lines and five reels, so the winning combinations are multiple and the potential profits depend on the stakes.

Players were competing for bonuses, should know that they increase incrementally and each time a ghost of a Christmas past presents, the number of free spins increases. The idea is to stay as long in the game is possible, to witness the arrival of all the ghost, including the ones of the Christmas present and future.

The length of the game is slightly longer than on average, but this is generally accepted that a good thing when it comes to video slots. Free spins are at the cornerstone of the rewards here, so most of the winning combinations will also trigger such spins in addition to the conventional paychecks. It definitely pays off that many winnings are immediately doubled when players choose to activate the double up minigame.

The plot behind this special around this as straightforward as it gets and will be particularly familiar to those who have played video poker in the past.

Players are pit against the difficult decision of preserving the profits already secured and gambling everything for the sake of winning twice as much money. After all, it is a matter of fine-tuning and it is up to the players to decide for one strategy or the other, depending on their expectations and resources.

Regardless of their choice, it is much easier to stay profitable playing A Christmas Carol, since the high number of free spins will enable you to offset the infamous house edge.

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