History of Bingo?

The beginning of this popular game goes back to the 16th century, when for the first time in Europe, more72a4cad4-56e8-4210-9de0-067b9b162a4c precisely in Italy. It quickly gain traction and expanded beyond borders, given the fact that players don’t require any previous experience to play bingo.

The rules with Maxi Casino have changed only a little over all these years, so we are now playing the game that is virtually the same as the one invented 500 years ago.

With the advanced of Internet, the game can be played online and different variations of the original are currently offered by bingo rooms. Many choose to combine this game with slot machines, therefore players enjoy the best of both worlds and still don’t get completely immersed in the gaming atmosphere.


The first bingo tickets only had a couple of numbers, therefore it was significantly easier to hit the winning combination. The natural consequences that the game can take that long for a winner to be decided and the group could play several over the course of one hour.

To some extent, the speed has also been increased nowadays next to Internet gambling, but the games are more complex has more fun.

The North American version

Bingo became truly popular when it crossed the Atlantic Ocean and was embraced by New York gamblers, before spreading nationwide. Edwin Lowe was the one who made it popular from coast to coast and together with a math teacher, they create the system that is similar to the one used today.

The game was initially used to raise funds for charitable events, so people had another incentive to jump on the bandwagon and experience the thrills of a new game.

Over the last couple of decades, the popularity of the game grew even further and bingo is today one of the most appreciated and famous games in America. The same can be said about the Spanish market, which has a keen eye for all three games in general and bingo in particular.

The social nature of the game is also a catalyst for its popularity and intellect operators are going to great lengths to make sure that their players enjoy the same advantages as those who step into brick and mortar bingo venues.

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