IGT remains MyJackpot’s primary casino games provider

MyJackpot picks its partners carefully and always thinks twice before signing the new agreement.logo-myjackpot

That’s because it appreciate stability and wants its customers to feel right at home when they gamble here regardless of what type of game they enjoy.

At the end of the day the most important thing is to be absolutely sure that you are gambling at an online casino that takes security seriously. A decently long list of games also matters, so the casino is tempted to work with several software developers.

Meanwhile, there are happy to announce that IGT will remain their main supplier of casino games for the next couple of years. This is very important for those who play here and fell in love with the games produced by the software developer.

These titles have a unique feel about them and savvy players will quickly realize the differences between them and other titles. For a trained eye, in the slot machines that looks similar at the first glance can be quite different in terms of game mechanics and payouts.

MyJackpot casino knows that these players enjoy first-class entertainment and would settle for nothing less. That’s why decided to extend the deal that made so many players happy, without ignoring other software developers.

This approach makes perfect sense under these circumstances, since it gives players the chance to broaden their horizon without losing the things they enjoy so much. It’s a simple solution that works like a charm and IGT fans have nothing to worry about.

The casino is a major player in the industry and the fact that he chose IGT as a partner speaks volumes about the quality of the software developer.

There are other online operators who use their games and there is almost consensus about them being some of the best out there. Both parts were quick to express their enthusiasm about this new deal and Walter Bugno, IGT CEO, International was particularly happy. This expansion will further strengthen their relationship with the casino and will help both grow.

The software used by the developer of casino games is state-of-the-art and these guys seem overly concerned about upholding the highest security standards. Given all the perils lurking online, this approach is commendable and other companies should follow suit.

So far, those who choose their titles are happy with the payout ratios and the fact that the random number generator is audited for fairness.


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