SuperBahis refunds up to 100% of losses

SuperBahis casino players know that it is always a risky thing to süperbahis+girişthink exclusively about the best case scenario and failed to factor in the worst that can happen.

Speaking of which, downswings occur much more often than players would like them and a lot of money is lost over these periods of time.

SuperBahis understand the predicament of those who have tiny bankrolls and can’t afford to lose everything.

Gaming was promotion is not aimed exclusively at beginners but also has certain components that will be surely appreciated by highrollers.

Anyone could use a 100% cashback and the incentive should motivate players to be more active during the promotional period.

The only problem about this promotion is that you can’t hope to collect in excess of €20 as this is the maximum sum that the online casino will refund.

The goal is this promotion is to minimize potential losses but it has the unintended consequence of making players both her and more likely to take chances.

Knowing that at least €20 will be credited back to their account, they will spin the reels of slot machines and table games with more confidence. All they are required to do is to wager a minimum of €5 or currency equivalent as this will make them eligible for the generous refund.

Ideally nobody should require the refund and will be able to convert the investment into profits but there is always the possibility of things going the other way.

The bonus will be awarded immediately and players will have 48 hours to clear the wagering requirements, which should be more than enough given the relatively small amount.

They get to choose between an impressive selection of slot machines, including some of the most popular progressive jackpots.

It is perfectly possible for someone who got reimbursed to use this money to chase a jackpot and win a life-changing amount.

The resulting profits are not going to be subject wagering requirements, so assuming you get lucky enough as to win in excess of €1 million, you will be able to withdraw the money immediately.

Speaking of which, SuperBahis has very high limits for cash outs, so progressive jackpot winners won’t have to wait months or even years to withdraw the funds they are entitled to.

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